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Thanks for ruining my game on Hockey Night in Canada

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Well today I went to my 2nd ever NHL and IT WAS THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER. We got there pretty early because obviously I can’t be late to anything and as soon as the doors opened I basically ran to the section where I thought we could go down to the glass. Of course we had to go ALL the way back around. so I ran, leaving my dad to speed walk his way through the crowd. I got to the glass and waited for like 15 minutes with my sign pressed up against the glass.

So during the warm up Alzy kept looking over and just smiling at us (I died) and then flipped one over but these 2 older guys got it, so a little later Fehrsie tried flipped one over and it hit the kid right next to me in the shoulder. He just started laughing, so Alzy tried one more time and it finally made its way right into front of me. I was just hoping Ovi would shoot one in my direction.

Finally at the very end, he skated in front of the net and flipped a puck onto his stick and into his hand (at this moment I couldn’t even believe he was this close to me) and skated right in front of me and tossed it so it would slide down right in front of me. Then he just skated off the ice. It was the only puck he shot or tossed over the glass.


Also Brooksy had to have looked at my sign and looked me in the eye at least 7 or 8 times. bb I love you and you’re gorgeous. And these 2 Canuck fans were so happy for me they wanted to take a picture of me with the puck and sign! (I’ll post some pics if you guys want!)

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